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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Celtic Prayer for Lent

“Remember that you are dust,
And unto dust you shall return.”

“The Old Sod!”
The precious land!
The Sacred earth!

Ash Wednesday’s smudge
Remember we are earth
And we shall return.

Jesus is of earth
Every bone and sinew
The Word enfleshed.

His beginning sacred
A holy earth birthing
A heavenly ending.

Our Lenten journey
Wednesday’s blest earth
To Easter’s blest water!

And we are more than
“Dust in the Wind.”
We are bound for glory!

O God, bless my Lenten journey.
Let me walk the blessing path of Jesus.
Blessed be the path of giving.
Blessed be the path of discipling.
Blessed be the garden of grieving.
Blessed be the mountain of the cross.
Blessed be these forty days.

May I be more loving, more generous,
More forgiving, more grateful,
As I trod the desert path
Leading up to Easter’s water‑
A fountain springing up
Toward eternal life!

from A Contemporary Celtic Prayer Book by William John Fitzgerald


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