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Does the church make sense or do we make it too hard for people to come in? I think yes and yes and the task then is to make it easier. Maybe for someone out there, this will be the case. I write as a Lutheran (or, perhaps a Lutherpalian) although I might seem out of the mainstream from time to time. That's okay, isn't it? Let's blog on.

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Contrary to what Google will tell you, I have been blogging for several year, right here. Look for Churchstuff-moreorless. life was a hell of a lot easier when you could talk to someone to get help. Now, you can't do it on the telephone, you can't do it on the internet. Life was easier and made more sense because people actually cared. Now they will screw you as quickly as they will help you. Unfuck the world.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My daily devotion from Epiphany Lutheran Church

John 8. 13Then the Pharisees said to him, “You are testifying on your own behalf; your testimony is not valid.” (NRSV)


Devotion: There are some in the ELCA who know that, as a rule, I don’t cut the Pharisees any slack. They know that because I might have referred to them as Pharisees. Pharisees were biblically learned folk who cling to the letter of the Law at the expense of the Gospel. I have to admit that Pharisees get it right once in a while-well, half right.

            Struggling churches in Baltimore are not all that unique. We would often resort to trying to instill in them the simple mantra “it’s not about me, it’s about Jesus.” This means that sometimes we don’t get our own way in the church. So, the Pharisees, because they did not see Jesus for who he really was, came close. They saw Jesus as your average church geek, someone who was trying to recreate the church in his own image.If that was the case, then they were right.

            It has been said that if you want to hear God laugh, tell God your plans. However well intentioned you or I might be, our agendas are not always the same as God’s. We tend to create God (or God’s stuff) in our own image. The Pharisees needed to learn this lesson.


Prayer: We mean well, O Lord, even if it doesn’t always look that way. At least to you. Help us to be better stewards of your creation, help us to be attuned to your plans, your will. Amen


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